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adclickwall and offerdaddy not pay/scam (removed).
Published on 03-12-2019

hello, adclickwall and offerdaddy removed because they not pay / scam.
We now selection offerwall and only look for the best and pay.
so some bad/not paying offerwall will removed and takes few week.
Pending payment will be processed this month when we finish fix this issue.


New Adworkmedia Added
Published on 27-11-2019

hello members
we have New offerwall Adworkmedia


withdrawal back normally
Published on 16-11-2019

hello members, thank you for being patient, i have back from the event.
so, the withdrawal will back to normally as usually


Admin News-Please read.
Published on 11-11-2019

hello members, I'm out of city to visit important event for my family and I'll be back in 5 days.

So, payment will pending for 1-5 day
I hope you understand and i will try do my best from my phone.
because my PC at Home.

$0.02 Minimum Payout each time you withdraw!
Published on 25-10-2019

Dear members
i'am happy to lets you know if now $0.02 Minimum Payout each time you withdraw!
hope you enjoy your earning all

best regards

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